Poet Cristiano Deveras

Excerpt from Jantar as 11h

written by Cristiano Deveras (roughly translated)

She lived between figures and numbers. Trainee of a multinational, almost complete MBA, great grades, perfect curriculum; he, between words and stanzas. Semi-professional poet, writer by choice, former executive, ex-businessman, exhausted by the pursuit of the correct career, some recognized stories, some compliments.

Tazzia Bronx

Dinner at 11 by Cristiano Deveras

They met on a Friday. She’s excited about the start of the weekend; he, seeking to drink for free in her company cocktail. A few steps to the same side, the choice of the same drink (no ice, please!), A matching look and an overwhelming passion being born; conversations until dawn on everything that surrounds the environment… A farewell in the morning, two phones exchanged and a kiss to be remembered.

They left on Saturday, according to the combination on Friday, she showed him the Bourse building (I’m still going to work there!), He prophesied that he would still throw something in the Masp building (even if it was the body itself, from above …). The kisses became more ardent and the eyes deeper; the moon at dawn found them loving each other through whispers and desires, the first promises sprouting.

On Sunday they woke up hugging, kissing without brushing, laughing at the same things, drinking from the same glass, exchanging nicknames and secrets, noticing on the skin the physical marks of a night of love … This statement that restarted all the fire, all the movements. At the height of the heat, the bomb: they promised each other infinite love for all the centuries that still remained, they swore that their feelings were in tune for all time …

On Monday she left to work early, he lay in his underwear … She called in the afternoon saying that it was over: she would transfer to New York with one of the president’s sons; he breathed a sigh of relief: his wife and four children should be pissed off with their disappearance … He emptied her little bar and slipped into the suburbs.


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